The basics of a steroid cycle

The basics of a steroid cycle

Almost 10 years ago, I made a simple thread explaining the basics of a steroid cycle. This ” memo ” was quite soft and I have to go into some details, Indeed, when a practitioner wants to start in the experience of steroids, he often sees only the side ” I want to pass a milestone or even transform myself “. It is there, often (too much?) that the trouble begins. When I see that the medical sections of the bodybuilding forums are growing, there is a concern!!!

Before anything else, when you want to start steroids, you have to do one essential thing : a blood test !!!

Ok but what should we look at?

There are various organs to analyze, liver, kidneys, thyroid and so on, but there are certain values that are also important. The blood test that follows is what I ask of each of my clients. It provides vital information on whether certain steroids are contraindicated or whether adequate supplementation should be considered.



– Bilirubin and albumin.

– Total cholesterol

– HDL cholesterol

– LDL cholesterol

– Triglycerides

– Creatinine

– Urea

– Free (bioavailable) testosterone

– Oestradiol



– LH



– Free T4 (FT4)

– Free T3 (FT3)

Steroids, anti-estrogens, SERMS, burners like clenbuterol and thyroid hormones, peptides etc… cause side effects.

What are the main side effects?

Impotence during and after a steroid cycle : Some steroids can cause impotence both DURING and AFTER the treatment. Molecules such as 19nor(decadurabolin, NPP, trenbolone…) can accentuate this problem.

Solution :
*Viagra, Cialis, Levitra and consor can help but it is not a permanent solution.

*HCG can help maintain testicular activity during the cycle. In addition, it is a great help during PCT. (see article relance 2.0)

*Lower the dose of injected AAS and/or lower the dose of testosterone. It’s silly but often it can be enough.

Testicular atrophy is a very common problem during a cycle. Indeed, when taking anabolic products and/or testosterone, the user perceives a reduction in the size of his testicles. The latter is linked to the stopping or resting of the HPTA axis.

Solution :
*HCG at a rate of 250 to 500ui twice a week starting in week 3 of the treatment.

Hypertension/water retention is partly due to the dose given, but also to diet or a too high hematocrit level.

Solution :
*Water…Yes water, this element essential to our life. Often the ” cyclers ” increase their protein intake. Therefore, it is important to ensure that the kidneys are supported by drinking plenty of water.

*Supplements such as magnesium (600mg/day) and vitamin B6 (100 to 200mg/day) help greatly.

*In case of emergency, don’t be a superman, go see a doctor, tell him the truth so that he can prescribe you a blood pressure medication.

The liver is a filter organ called dumb. There is an old adage that says that when you feel a mute organ, it is already too late…You agree that we are surrounded by machines containing filters. For them to work perfectly, their filter must be cleaned (car, washing machine etc…). The same is true for the human body.

Note from Thor49 : If you have hepatitis C or a history of liver disease, avoid 17-alpha alkylated steroids

Solution :
*Milk thistle or sylimarin 160mg / 3 times a day

*Alpha lipoic acid 100 to 300mg / 3 times a day

*N-acetyl cysteine 600mg 3 times a day

*Gultamine 5 to 15grs per day

*Vitamin C 1g / 3 times a day and vitamin E 400 to 800 IU / three times a day

*Desmodium EPS 10ml / day

Note from Thor49 : I prefer to reserve Desmodium EPS in case of analysis showing that the liver is too engorged or at the end of the treatment. This is just my way of doing things.

Prostate enlargement can also be a problem related to steroid use, including testosterone andoxymetholone.

Solution :
*Proscar available on medical advice

*Anti-estrogens (see article on anti-aromatases)

*Saw palmetto (study to be confirmed as this plant can also reduce the effects of testosterone)

Gynecomastia is caused by a significant increase in estrogen and prolactin. Too much estrogen/prolactin in the body can cause a whole bunch of side effects like loss of libido, breast enlargement, fat gain, depression etc…

Solution :
*Anti-estrogens (see article on anti-aromatases)

*Creams containing DHT on medical advice

*Dostinex 0.5mg per week

Note from thor49 : The duration of use of these products will depend on the blood tests during the treatment.

Hair loss is caused by too much testosterone. This problem is evident in both women and men who are prone to this phenomenon.

Solution :
*Propecia or finasteride on medical advice

*Some shampoos or cream conditioners

Insomnia or stress (elevated cortisol levels, among others) may be related to certain molecules or to excessively high doses.

Solution :
*Melatonin 1 to 3mg at bedtime

*Sleeping pills or anxiolytics on medical advice

*Some herbs such as valerian or supplements such as 5 htp can help

These are the main side effects but they are not exhaustive. Some people will handle well others not at all !!!

Didn’t all these side effects cool you down ? Your blood test is clean? You are healthy, you have been following effective workouts and a square diet for several years ? In short, you feel ready ?

What is a steroid cycle?

We will start with case studies :

” Hi, I’m Kevin, I’m 19 years old, I want to do a cycle. I train 3 months before the summer to pick up girls and I eat fast food, up to three times a day…”

Answer : Kevin, your endocrine system is in full swing. He is therefore at the top of his form. You will respond terribly well to a good workout (but more than three months) as well as a nutrient rich, well balanced diet. Apart from seriously starting your biochemistry, I would advise you to wait a few years to acquire a solid background that will allow you to benefit from the cycle.

” Hello, my name is Idriss, I am 26 years old. I’ve been training for 5 years now, varying the periods of strength, volume, explosiveness etc… I follow a diet adapted to my sport practice and allow myself some deviations when I feel the need. Next year, I would like to do a bodybuilding competition, I have never taken steroids. “

Answer : Idriss, considering the examples of training that you have shown us, we see your commitment to this sport. Your blood test shows that you are in excellent health. Since you have never taken any products, you will be advised either an oral alone or a testosterone alone so that you can see your reaction. You will need to do a proper PCT, protect your liver if you take oral medications and monitor certain vitals during and after your treatment.

All this to say what ?

Carrying out a cycle is not trivial. Some products are very hard on the endocrine system. You have to be careful to protect yourself, not to copy the cycles of a forum member because he has great pictures on his cycle log, to do analysis before/during/after the cycle and after the PCT. A health is like virginity, you only have one !!!

When all the lights are on and you’ve decided to go on a steroid cycle, there are a few basics to follow :

*Follow an adequate post treatment recovery with HCG, Clomid, Nolvadex among others (see article recovery 2.0)

*Plan blood tests during the treatment and before/after PCT

*Support the HPTA axis with HCG intake proportionate to the cycle (250 to 500ui / 2 to 3 times a week)

*Use an anti-estrogen like arimidex, aromasin etc… (see the anti-aromatase article)

*Protect your liver or filter organs by eating a healthy diet appropriate for the purpose and using supplements that help. I really like the life support 2.0 from anabolic innovation which contains good supplements dedicated to ” protect ” us

Example of steroid cycles:


W -2 : Blood test

W1 to W10: 500mg Testosterone Enanthate

W6/12/Post PCT: Blood test

PCT from W13

HCG from W3 : 250ui Monday and Thursday

Anti-oestrogen if needed (to be checked with blood test)

Life support 2.0 throughout the treatment but optional

BULK MASS advanced level :

W -2 : blood test

W1 to W10: 750mg testosterone + 600mg Equipoise

W1 to W6: Anapolon (W1 50mg/day, W2 100mg/day, W3 150mg/day, W4 150mg/day, W5 100mg/day, W6 50mg/day)

W7/12/Post PCT: Blood test

PCT from W13

HCG from W3 : 250ui Monday and Thursday

Anti-oestrogen if needed (to be checked with blood test)

Life support 2.0 throughout the treatment

Desmodium EPS as a booster and/or from W7 onwards if the liver values are too high

CUTTING CYCLE advanced level :

W -2 : blood test

W1 to W8: 100mg testosterone propionate + 75mg trenbolone acetate + 50mg winstrol + 50mg proviron daily

W9 to W10: 50mg proviron daily

PCT from S11

W4/Post PCT: Blood test

Anti-oestrogen if needed (to be checked with blood test)

Life support 2.0 throughout the treatment

Desmodium EPS in PCT and/or from W4 onwards if the liver values are too high