Testosterone esters

What is a testosterone ester?

A testosterone ester is a form of the natural steroid, testosterone being bound to units that affect its release pattern into the blood. Esters are necessary to dictate the rate at which hormone is allowed to enter the blood, controlling the net effect obtained and helping keep in stable. All in all, testosterone remains the gold standard by which all other anabolic steroids are measured. As a natural hormone released from the gonads, it is deemed as the friendliest anabolic steroid, while at the same time being brutally effective in bringing about immense changes to body mass. There is a good chance that if a man explodes with sheer size, that testosterone was responsible. Testosterone possesses an anabolic and androgenic score of 100 (its ability to produce mass gains and male secondary sexual characteristics)

How does testosterone work?

Testosterone binds directly to the androgen receptor, where it is then subsequently allowed to enter muscle cells and dictate the speed by which new proteins are made (protein synthesis). Testosterone itself can be acted upon by two large group of enzymes, known as aromatase (which converts testosterone to estrogen) and 5-alpha reductase, which converts it to the potent androgen DHT (dihydrotestosterone).

The physiological effects of testosterone on the body

Administration of testosterone injections can bring about radical changes to the body, both physically and psychologically. These effects may sometimes be beneficial, but may also act as a hindrance. They include

  • Rapid increases in overall body mass (as a result of both androgenic and estrogenic effects)
  • Improved sense of well-being as a result of high DHT levels
  • Water retention, which can make the gain look smooth and puffy
  • Increased sweating and acne, the usual consequences of excessive sebum production
  • A significant increase in libido and spontaneous erections

Forms of testosterone

All esters of testosterone are not created the same; knowledge of which to use becomes pivotal in a successful cycle. The most common types are The most common types are

  • Testosterone Enanthate- a slow releasing variety also being a most popular kind used worldwide. This particular ester takes about 30 days to completely clear the blood, likewise achieving appropriate blood levels at the start of the cycle takes about the same time. Typical injection for this variety is either once or bi-weekly to ensure decent blood levels of the hormone.
  • Testosterone Cypionate- this type of testosterone ester is nearly identical in terms of chemistry and effects as enanthate, being just slightly greater in duration of action.
  • Testosterone Propionate- this is a rapid acting version that has a life in the body of 3-4 days. Due to this rapid clearance, frequent administration, maybe even daily, will be required to keep blood levels elevated enough to see gains. On the plus side, it gives the user great control in the event of unwanted effects being unbearable; with withdrawal of the drug allowing improvement of symptoms within 4 days. It is also reportedly much more painful to inject than the longer acting varieties, although the reasons for that are unknown.
  • Sustanon- this is the trade name for a blended testosterone complex, containing either 3 (Sustanon 100) or 4 esters (Sustanon 250) with variable release patterns due to slow and fast releasing forms. Sustanon is the most technical variety of testosterone to use, with no general consensus existing as to the optimal dosing frequency. Commonly used may be twice weekly, once weekly, to once every 4 weeks, although anecdotal evidence shows that daily or every other day administration is the way to go.

Golden rules for successful testosterone cycles

  • The effect of all testosterone esters is the same; reports of variations in efficacy are only due to the differences in release patterns.
  • Testosterone should be the base of almost all steroid cycles, once there is no contraindication to it
  • Testosterone should be the base of almost all steroid cycles, once there is no contraindication to it. It is important to be in possession of your entire cycle prior to starting- do not get as you go. Also, the importance of ancillary drugs to reduce side effects and speed up natural hormone recovery after the end of cycle must be accounted for.